We asked you to take a pic of what you're looking at right now - work, play, transport whatever and the results were brilliant!

From using your dog as a sock, to a rack of chops to a turbine 260 feet up in the air, to a cliff, to the Empire State Building to a literal cat fight!

Get ready to scroll through the eyes of our listeners.

A snapchat in lunchtime across Ireland.







If you can't see Paul's incredible turbine pic on Twitter here it is in it's full glory:


Feet were cold so I put "Sox" on! Carmel in Cobh

Dogs Bay Roundstone in Galway

Anthony McNulty in Wicklow replacing a clutch in a Freelander

Truss making. Michael in Fermoy

Derek and Gwen from Blanchardstown in Tenerife!

Tivoli docks in Cork. 

Barbara making a Confirmation cake!

An orthodontic lab! Pauline in Naas

I'm on a cliff walk in beautiful Ballybunion!

Fight with the Mother-In-Law's cat. Off to hospital!

View inside a printing press from Mick

Durkan's Butcher Louisburgh Co. Mayo. "Up to our eyes boning beef!"


Up Mount Leinster having a bite to eat! Suzy in Kilkenny

Loading crushed rock on to a dump truck. Michael in Wicklow

Laura, Ruairi and Siofra Kerr in Kerrykeel