What has your elf been up to?

There are some very naughty elves around the country!

They're destroying bathrooms, spilling food and just causing absolute mayhem in homes all over Ireland.

That's why Iano decided to call them out!

Here's what your elves have been up to so far:

1. The Kirwans from Louth have elves who just want to de-fuzz.

2. Cathal and Lily from Wicklow's elf, Olaf, is trying to detangle the Christmas lights.

3. Charlie the Elf made a mess of the bathroom!

4. Jingle the Elf took Barbie for a spin. Catherine in Finglas caught him in the act!

5. Goldie the Elf in Mayo has been defacing bananas.

6. Cian Foley's Elf, AJ, is very naughty!

7. Sparky the Elf has been very bold. Here he is ziplining to rob the advent calendar!

8. Gene in Cork got a nasty surprise from his kids elves - they painted his toenails during the night!

9. Aisling, Lucy and Amy's elf is doing a little bit of Tinsel Gymnastics.

10. Senan, Oisin and Fiadh in Navan need to put manners on their Elf Springy. He was caught trying to put the rest of the toys in the oven!!

What has your elf been up to? Give us an update to breakfast@todayfm.com.