Don't mess with these femme fatales.

These genius re-interpretations of Disney Princesses are by artist Astor Alexander.

She decided that some of these ladies needed toughening up and could get their darker side game on with a femme fatale makeover. 

Those fairy-tale stories can be a little bit fluffy, so what if you threw in a pinch of Hitchcock, a smidge of Raymond Chandler and went full on film noir.

"Once upon a time wiseguy, there was a Princess but she wasn't just any ol 'Princess"


She still has the sword and will totally kick your ass.


Forget the candlesticks and the cups and saucers!


Under the sea! Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me

Now hand over your clams.


She's ditched the frog. 


Captain Smith is just collateral. This lady is The Chief.

Snow White

No need for a Prince. She doesn't do apples. And she whistles while she works.


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