No more dunking disasters.

Lenny was on his soggy bottom last night watching the return of Great British Bake Off and looking at the timeline on Twitter.

Then saw this:

Yes, you read that right.

A tea that tastes like biscuits and tea. According to them “a satisfying treat that doesn’t get crumbs on your jumper. Especially lovely with milk.”


What is this wizadry they're brewing?

We decided to find out. We contacted Taylors of Harrogate, the makers of this brew andgot this back:

Hi Lenny,

Thanks for getting in touch and for spotting our latest brew which is for now only in Waitrose, Sainburys and Morrisons in the UK. I am not sure if or when it will come through to Ireland, I would hope not too long.

If you pop through your address I will send you a box to try.

Kind Regards

Peter Cowen

Customer Service Team Manager


We'll keep you posted lads.