New Kids On The Block were the One Direction of their day….at one point Mark Wahlberg joined his brother Donnie Wahlberg as part of the group…but Donnie and co. are NOW BACK WITH A NEW SINGLE!

“80s Baby” features Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty By Nature and Tiffany:

TodayFM's Claire Beck in for Muireann this week had a New Kids On The Block jumper….Pamela working on the show had all their cassettes and posters on her wall….Jordan was her favourite…


So we asked for your childhood HEARTTHROB BANDS….those you were obsessed with….those who made comebacks and those you think SHOULD make a comeback…who covered your bedroom walls and homework journal!!?

And according to Irish people these were the acts that stole your heart:


Unbreakable? Well not quite as BF offloaded himself and went on to forge a hugely successful solo career...erm But they did single-handedly keep the boot-cut jean/cords industry afloat for many years helping to secure thousands of jobs.

Billie Piper

She married the multi-millionaire Chris Evans because she wanted to, but it broke many, many, many hearts. 


They loved a backwards Kangol hat.

And they even survived a horrific on stage shrinking incident involving Mikey:

Take That

Probably the biggest boy band this side of The Atlantic they owned the 90s and never forget where they came from...especially Mark who was born on the Shetland Islands.

Backstreet Boys

Also big fans of over-sized clothing:

These guys were so tight that even the introduction of The Edge in 2000 didn't affect their bond:

The Spice Girls

Scary, Posh, Baby, Sporty and Ginger zig a zigaaaaad to worldwide domination. Nobody fancied Sporty Spice but she did a great cartwheel, bless while we all know Ginger is now in her seventies. A full reunion is still spoken about in dark corners.

Guns & Roses

Lost of people voted for these lads. Many had a sexual awakening with Axl's vocals and Slash's solos. However, it was a story tinged with sadness as Axl Rose regularly forgot to put his pants on for gigs but at least had a place to keep his old socks.