They get him to sing The Auld Triangle!

We love a good blag story and this is quality.

Darragh O'Rourke and his mate are on a J1 in The States and now have a brilliant story for the grandkids.

When they're sitting in the holiday home colony pod in Mars and their Grandson asks: "What's this old weird music you're playing Granddad?"

"This is Post Malone lad and I've a story about him..."

The lads were hanging outside the gig in Los Angeles when he spotted an old production wristband (classic!) and he blagged his way in!

This led to them not only getting the best seats in the house but getting the man himself to embrace his Irish DNA and blast out this classic!

Take a bow lads.


With a name like Malone there's no surprise he knows his old Irish dittys.

The evidence was there before: