They've broken a world record in the process!

The lads from The Script celebrated St Patrick’s Day in an incredible way this year!

It happened as the band were playing to a sold-out crowd at Brussels’ Forest National. The guys gave tokens to each and every member of the 8,000 audience - each crowd member could then select a drink of their choosing.

As the Irish three-piece were set to start Paint The Town Green, their third song of the night, the band invited everyone to raise their glasses for St Patrick’s Day. 

In doing so, the lads broke a Guinness world record, making it the biggest round ever bought.

The Script said “Who better to buy the biggest round of drinks in history than us lot”!A

And on Paddy's Day - you just couldn't baaaaate it!

Fair play to the lads, while on the Freedom Child tour, their newest album, they've also been pure sound and gave out free pancakes (on Shrove Tuesday) and pizza( on National Pizza Day).

Sounds lads, sound! 

You can check it out below: