Times you’ve had to talk through your hoop.

Due to an actual "penguin shortage" (no, seriously) a zoo in the UK has had to resort to using fake penguins in order for their current residents not to feel alone and isolated.

Apparently it works. The lads just think that their gang is bigger than it is and are much happier!

So, inspired by this bit of positive fakery we asked for your best Fake It Till You Make It stories.

Here's a collection of the best:


"In college once I was directing a play and on the opening night the lead actress was sick so I had to step in to the role...I had NEVER acted before and was unbelievably nervous. However, I actually did quite well and ended up winning an award! Fake it till you make it!"


"Once I went for drinks with my friend and he bumped into his ex. He pleaded with me to pretend to be his girlfriend so I spent 3 hours making up an elaborate back story for us a couple!"


"I was desperate for a job on my J1 and had to pretend I had been a waiter before....pretend I knew how to make coffees etc They soon found out when I spilt a tray of milkshakes over a customer!"


"Once for a college presentation I forgot my whole slideshow so literally had to make a load of the slides up....it did not go well. I failed."


"I fake it in work everyday....I work in a bank but don't really know what's going on. I just keep going and keep getting promoted, it's great! As long as you appear confident, you'll get there!"


"My brother was supposed to play piano at my friend's wedding but bailed last minute. My friend had a piano set up for him and everything...so I know ONE song on the piano and played it about three times. Then, had to make a swift exit. Everyone thinks I'm an actual pianist now."