All you need is a wrap and an app

Soon it will be possible to do a marathon from your sofa and you will be able to burn a thousand calories while lying at home and watching a movie.

BionicGym is a neuromuscular electrical stimulation device that promises to deliver intense cardio fitness training and calorie burning while you work, lay on the couch, or even play video games.

It allows users to burn calories by positioning wraps around their thighs and selecting the intensity of the workout via the mobile app, all you need is an app and a wrap!

The product has been featured on the Ellen Show and Channel 4’s ’How to Lose Weight’.

A whopping 10 years of scientific research has been put into creating this product.

Louis Crowe, creator of Dublin-based start up company BionicGym, is the man behind the company which has raised the largest amount of money ever on Indiegogo.

To date the company has received funding of $2.6 million from more than 6,000 backers in 80 countries.

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