Jaysus, beats a chicken fillet roll and a can.

For anyone who has had a school education in Ireland, it's hard to get past the hard clumps of Dairygold in your Mammy's express sangwiches, a daily trip to the chipper or shop for a roll.

However, if you live in Japan, school dinner is like a meal out.

It has one of the world's best approaches to school dinners which has led to one of the lowest worldwide rates in obesity in kids and one of the highest mortality rates in adults.

Some of the food served is incredible.

This one includes includes has miso soup, a small packet of dried fish, milk, rice, and pork fried with vegetables.


Or you could choose tofu with meat sauce on rice, paired with a salad, apple, and carton of milk.

And the philosophy doesn't stop there. 

If a family can't afford the daily roughly €2 cost, then they get help.

They also get the school kids to serve each other and clean up after themselves.

(Imagine serving the person you hate most in school, you'd only give them one spud. However, if it was someone you fancied you be filling it to the brim!)


And obviously when you have a slap up meal for lunch.

You're going to want a wee nap afterwards:


Would something like this work in Ireland?


 An original version of this article appeared on Business Insider