"We thought we were going to Church"

Hey John C Reilly, can we be best friends?

Reilly rocked into Dublin last night with his Ralph Breaks The Internet co-star Sarah Silverman and they joined Today FM's Dermot & Dave for a chat ahead of the sequel to Wreck It Ralph's Irish release.

Reilly revealed he spent last night in Dublin's Anglers Rest while Silverman skipped the pub to catch up with some actual rest instead.

He was joined in the pub by Ralph Breaks The Internet directors and writers Phil Johnston and Rich Moore where they learned how to pull pints.

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Moore revealed to Today FM's Dermot & Dave, 'I thought it was going to be fun, I think my pint was pretty well pulled, I got a few nods from a man at the bar.'

However is was a different story for poor aul Phil Johnston, 'I pulled my pint poorly apparently, I was in the bathroom after pulling my pint and some guy said to me 'I heard you made a bubbly pint,' and so it had gotten around that I was a terrible pint puller.'

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In the presence of two film legends and little old me! #legends #johncreilly #ralphbreakstheinternet

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This is Silverman's first visit to Ireland, but the comic says she is already looking forward to returning and soaking up the comedy scene here.

Reilly, however, is starting to feel very much at home in Ireland and 'connected to his Irish roots,' having gone on 'a vision quest' up the River Shannon a few years ago, stopping in pubs and singing some trad tunes along the way.

A video of Reilly singing Wild Rover went viral at the time, and it resurfaced again recently.

When Dermot & Dave relived this glorious performance Reilly, being the Grammy nominated legend that he is, treated us to some more Wild Rover and it was as perfect as we always imagined it would be.

Reilly has hit the nail on the head when describing what it takes to create the prefect Irish trad song performance, emphasising that it should be one solo singer during the verses, 'It can sound like a soccer chant or a football chant, you gottta let the verses air out a little bit and then everyone together for the chorus, right?'

Ralph Breaks The Internet lands in Irish cinemas on November 30th!