The mentalist says he remembers the hurt he felt when reading about himself in the press

Keith Barry has revealed the hurt he felt when his weight was discussed in the press while he was filming a show for RTÉ.

Speaking to Mario Rosenstock during Mario’s Sunday Roast Barry said, ‘I was a bit of a chubby boy,I enjoyed myself a bit too much in college .. I was eating all the wrong things and drinking all the wrong things and I did not look good.’

After finishing college Barry went on to film Close Encounters with Keith Barry. It was during this time when he learned more about nutrition and training and as a result he ‘slimmed down.’

However by the time he was shooting Mind, Myths and Magic Barry said he ‘ballooned back up … and the press were very unkind about it.

‘I think there’s a difference between the press when they go after a man versus a woman with regards to their weight.

'I think sometimes they think it’s ok to be rude about a man’s weight in the newspapers or whatever, and they were rude about it. Well known journalists were like ‘Keith Barry, look at the fat head on him in ‘Mind Myths and Magic,’ but that actually really hurt me.’

Barry added that he’s not a fan of people posing on social media, ‘I don’t like the Instagram generation that we are in, I don’t like all these people that are posing and shredded. I think it’s an unsustainable lifestyle.’ Barry has been working with trainer Paul Byrne for the past 12 years, who he said helped completely change his mindset around nutrition and fitness.

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