What would you put in?

The song ‘Footloose’ has entered the US National Recording Registry, which preserves records of great cultural significance.

The Kenny Loggins' classic is one of 25 recordings selected for recognition this year.

If you’re unfamiliar with the song here’s a taste:

So, we were thinking if there was an Irish version of this National Recording Registry what are the moments in Irish music of great cultural significance and are the song to go with it.

What should be put in the Vault and why?

Here’s some of our suggestions...

First up is Carlow's finest flat-cap wearing comedy song Ambassador.

Richie Kavanagh. Aon Focal Eile was his biggest hit. In 1997 it won an IRMA Award for Best Single and spent six months in the charts. SIX MONTHS LADS. Christ. It was one of the first songs that crossed the As Gaelige barrier and had us non- Gaelgores singing along! It's pretty catchy and is our first in the vault...

This stetson scandal had friends in low and high places hopping in their cowboy boots. It had a huge impact and saturated the news. 5 nights at Croker eventually turned into none.

This was huge.

Therefore Garth had to get in. If Tomorrow Never Comes is probably more apt but we'll has to be his biggest hit:

Third up is Ed Sheeran 

Galway Girl divided the country with Love/Hate. Some loved it's modern take on trad other thought it was Oirish hokum. Whatever you think. This lad has to be in the vault. His kabillions of fans, record breaking sales and sell out tours say enough but especially when he filmed the video. Every man and his dog from the West and beyond tried to get in it. 

Hector and Tommy Tiernan made the final cut but It also featured another Carlowite. However, I don't believe she's had a ride on a tractor.)


Now, if Galway Girl featured every man and his dog in the video. 

Here's one that also had a lot of guests and became not only an unofficial Irish tourism advert, it also featured the greatest cultural crossover in Irish musical history...

Muireann had a group of friends (not Boyzone!) running after the horse and cart trying to get into the video!

It's Sweetest Thing by U2...


Next up.

It's yer man again.

The annual busk on Grafton Street, with messers Bono and Glen Hansard. We're not sure when the last one was executed but the ones that have taken place are still talked about by anyone lucky enough to get their last minute stressed out sweating shopping trip so rudely interrupted by two of Ireland's greatest troubadours!