Things that made you go...Ummmm Wow!

Here is some brand new information that we found out this morning.

Did you know….Europe's first ever drive-through restaurant opened in Dublin.

Not France, Germany, Switzerland or the UK. None of those other lads. No, WE were the first.

The McDonald’s Drive Thru in Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Rathfarnham was opened in 1985. (extra fact: that shopping centre was opened by Gail from Corrie!)

Someone posted a picture online and people are sharing their memories.

Even looking at one of the picture posted the customer has got out of his van to talk directly to the speaker!

pic courtesy of Martin Parr @martinparr

At the time that must have been pretty amazing. In Ireland in the mid 80s this was seriously futuristic.

So, TodayFM's Muireann O'Connell asked for your First Time Wows. The things you saw that made you go, "WOW!"

For me it had to be my first time going to the cinema and I seen Jurassic park😦 I was so shocked by how big the screen was but then this giant dinosaur was on it I nearly died. Of course I was only 7 at the time😂 I will never forget it. From Kevin in Kerry

First wow was get our first remote control for the TV, not having to get up and press one of the 9 buttons on the TV to change the channel and the fights over who was in control of the remote! If you left the room you lost control of the remote, Declan in Cork

A fax machine with a photocopier in my cousins house. We photocopied a 20 pound note🤣🤣🤣amazing!

When ATM cards came out my mother went to THE (probably only) Bank Machine on OConnell st Limerick and put card in and said "can I have 50 pounds please" , she was morto with queue behind her!  

Neighbours near us got the first cordless phone in the estate and we all thought they were like a family in Bel-Air or something!! 

WOW moment was going on hols to Dundalk in 1980s and stopping off in drumcondra for McDonald's with our aunt and she parked on

My first automatic flushing loo in Logan Airport Boston in 1995 aged 21. We had just landed for our J1, my friend Dee and I were in cubicles beside each other and were astounded when the loo flushed when we stood up. Sheila, Cashel

I remember getting my first mobile phone. I thought I was so futuristic. It was a Nokia 3310 and I was the first in college. Everyone gathering around to play snake. Hilarious!