Louis joined Mario for 'Mario's Sunday Roast'

When Louis Walsh announced his departure from The X Factor in June, having spent 13 years as a judge on one of the most successful talent shows in the world, questions still remained over whether or not Louis had really cut all ties with the show.

Speaking to Mario during Mario’s Sunday Roast Louis was quick to clarify that when he said he said he would no longer be appearing on the hit show, he really meant it, ‘I’m gone, I’m definitely gone. I had a contract, this is my last year, they paid me off and I’m done,’ the former boy band manager declared.

‘I had a great time, I don’t have anything negative to say about, I suppose they had to change it. I think Robbie (Williams) is a good booking.’

However Louis’ departure from The X Factor was not the only story relating to the TV star making headlines this month.

A video, captured back in 2015, of Louis touching Mel B’s bum during a live X Factor interview, began to circle again online in June of this year, dividing fans, with some going as far as calling it ‘sexual harassment on live TV.’

Speaking exclusively to Mario during Mario’s Sunday Roast Louis was quick to hit back at those comments saying, ‘We’d be sitting there all day on the couch doing TV, and I just grabbed her arse as a joke.’

‘She was very funny and you could say anything or do anything to her and I loved her, so I would just grab her for a laugh but it’s not PC anymore.’

‘Everybody is watching everybody, the papers, you can’t do anything on Twitter, you can’t say anything, you can’t say what you really feel because you’re going to offend somebody.’

Louis also addressed the reason why he is not on social media, saying it would only land him in trouble, ‘I’m not on anything, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook, I’m too much of a loose cannon, I would say things I shouldn’t say in the middle of the night.

‘I would do very well, I’d be really popular but I’d probably be sued.’

Louis also told Mario that he is thinking about writing a book about his life, ‘I haven’t really started yet, I’ve thought about it and I’m talking to one or two people about it.’

‘I might do it next year. I’m not going to kiss and tell, it wouldn’t be that type of book. I’d tell a few funny stories but I’m not out to get anybody.’

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