'cryo chamber recovery'

There's a reason why Mark Wahlberg has been at the top of the Hollywood tree for the last two decades.

From parading around in his jocks fiddling with his funky bunch to A-list actor and business entrepreneur he's had a pretty successful life.

But our reaction to seeing this for the first time went a little like this:

An hour and a half in the shower? Family time is only half an hpour less than the time he spends in the shower! WTF?

Is he taking the piss? We'll leave that up to yourselves. TBH though he is a bit bats so this wouldn't be all that surprising.

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) he revealed his gruelling and bizarre daily or should we say nightly routine:

The replies underneath are pure gold:

And some flaws in Marky's routine were highlighted:

Comedian Matt Lucas has one of the best responses to the madness: