It could be a sketch, but unfortunately it isn't.

The Sun wheeled out an incredibly well informed "Royal Correspondent" on to ITV show Lorraine this morning to discuss the visit of Harry and Megs to Ireland and let's just say she hardly covered herself in glory.

Keen eyed viewer Pamela Newman was so annoyed by this person's lack of knowledge she recorded it and posted on Twitter.

We advise you watch this behind knitted hands leaving just a little gap in your hands to reduce the full rage you may experience.

"Tea-set" "Crows Park"

This is why 'It's Coming Home' gets our back up. Most of us really don't mind and are getting behind our nearest neighbours but then eijits like this make you go AAARRRGGGHHHHH!! 

But look lets, let bygones be bygones and welcome Ponce Herbert and his wife Melody with open arms.