Trigger Warning!

Famous game makers Hasbro have created quite a stir with their new board game, Monopoly for Millennials. 

Monopoly can be a very stressful game especially when your older sister owns 14 houses and a hotel, and your brother has command over every company on the board. 

Well, Hasbro have decided to relieve that stress and make Monopoly a bit easier for those of us who can't face the reality of "adulting". 

To be fair the gaming giants have really just gave the game a more realistic feel because lets be honest, who can afford to buy a house these days, right? 

So instead of building a housing empire or hotel chain, you are now a front runner when you have more experiences than everyone else.  They more experiences you can afford like chilling at the local Vegan Bistro or heading off on a meditation retreat will see you at the top of the leader board. 

There's also no need to fret if your running out of money, the more in debt you are the better chances you have of rolling the dice first. The chance cards are "super relatable" and lads no fighting over the hashtag game piece. 

The aim to create a more relaxed gaming experience is an interesting concept but don't our best family stories always include a heated board game antidote? 

Today on the show Muireann was contacted by Elaine from Galway who's families board game bust-up escalated very quickly!

"Christmas '94 we were all playing Monopoly at kitchen table, my youngest sister got the hump over something left the table and left room banging door only to slice the top of her middle finger off as she did so, we don't like that game anymore!!"