Das Boot!!!

Didn't U2 do a song about these already?

She made the 'Look Of The Day', Martin must be gutted his brogues didn't get picked up!

Muireann was doing her excellent thing on The Six O'Clock when she chose to wear a very fancy pair of black knee-high boots. Little did she know they would have had such an impact.

Laarzen is the Dutch word for boots and this person dedicates their entire blog to sexy boots!

Boots are obviously popular as the site has had over 8.6 million sole visitors so far!

Thanks to Google God we did a quick translation of the site:

"On this blog we show appreciation for booted female TV personalities. From a fashion point of view they show that boots are a sexy and stylish addition to their clothing style, which can also be shown frequently in the future."

It seems to be dedicated entirely to female TV presenters across Europe and there's even a Hall Of Fame!!

If you fancy getting the boot you can check out the site here