If you love coffee and choccy eggs, this Easter treat is for you!

Muireann does her best Mary Fitzgerald in her own very special episode of How Do You Do? to create an 'Eggspresso'.

This would resurrect Jesus himself!

Here's a list of things you'll need:

  • Small to Medium sized Easter Egg. (obv it has to fit in a mug...we used a Cadbury Buttons one) 
  • Sharp Knife (make sure an adult is there to help)
  • Coffee (we used a machine but you could use instant)
  • Milk (if you want to add)

 Have a goo:

If you have never seen How Do You Do? with Mary Fitzgerald, it was an Arts and Crafts show that was huge in the nineties.

Here's a taste. The one where Zig & Zag invaded the studio: