You snooze. You lose.

This poor fan was sleep shamed at Old Trafford over the weekend when Man United played West Brom in The Premier League.

We can't blame him for falling asleep to one of the worst games of the season but the lesson here is, be strong keep your eyelids open and COFFEE! 

Otherwise you will become a human mannequin of fun!



It wouldn't be the first time this has happened at Old Trafford.

Here's what happened when a guy grabbed forty winks at the cricket...

One Irish fan had himself a wee snooze at the Ireland V Wales World Cup Qualifier:

One guy fell asleep at work in Montreal, Canada...

And became a worldwide meme sensation...

This lad fell asleep at a baseball game (Jaysus who could blame him they're about 20 hours long) and commentators had a riot!

However, it's not just your average fan that gets targeted. The wonderful Chrissy Teigen (follow her on Twitter she's hilarious) got busted after snoozing at The Oscars...She was a new Mammy at the time, leave her alone! She gets a pass!