Just don't frighten the sheep.

The BBC have announced that over 16,000 sound effects have been made available for free from the their extensive library.

The archive of effects date back to the 1920s.

And now, the general public can download them for free for the first time.

When I mentioned this outside we ALL looked at each other and immediately thought of Father Ted. It’s Dougal in the episode Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep when he gets his BBC Sound Effects LP:

All 16,000 glorious sound effects ranging from

"Malamute Alaskan Huskies screaming" - Good to use if calling into work sick..."Boss, you won't believe what happened to me!"

"36 people brawling"  -  NOT THIRTY OR FORTY...THIRTY SIX!

"Fifteen Victorian ladies in spirited indoor conversation with some laughter" - If only they could be more SPECIFIC.

And for anyone out there who needs to end a conversation real quick:

All 16,000 can be accessed here

Good luck with the radio play!