*buys three

You know the deal.

You pop out to Lidl for a few bits and you come home with seven kettle bells and a trumpet.

We have all long accepted the fact that it's all to play for as soon as you step foot into any Lidl supermarket.

If you manage to make it through to the check-out with only the items on your shopping list well then you, my friend, have actual magical powers.

Spare a thought for the people who are getting all types of distracted by Lidl's special offer hot tub.

They just can't cope and customers are snapping them up in huge numbers, and before we know it we will be a nation dotted with inflatable hot tubs.

They are so popular that customers from across the water are starting to demand their fair share of blow-up hot tubs.

You can just tell these are the type of whatsapp conversations happening between housemates around the country.

via @FionnualaJay 

It's all fun and games until you need to clean the water lads.