Three cheers for how weirdly small Ireland is!

Everybody knows everyone else - and sometimes it feels like we're not separated by that much at all.

This unique closeness came in really handy for one star-crossed lover who got in touch with Dermot & Dave after he met the potential love of his life on a night out but never got her number.

Chris Coleman has been searching for Catriona, a woman he met in The Prince Bar who was on a Hen weekend in Athlone, a couple of weeks ago.

And low and behold, after pleading his case to the nation, the good people of Ireland came through for Chris and managed to reunite the pair live on air!

Chris and Catriona (#Catis? #Chrina?) will now go on a proper date and report back on whether or not sparks flew.

You can listen to the magic happen in full, here: 

Who needs Tinder when you've got Dermot & Dave?!