Anyone else suffering?

You can't open a window lately without 15 flies, seven moths and a wasp legging it inside.

Then it's next to impossible to get them all out, plus you need your windows open with all this heat, so you just sit there, with flies and moths flapping around you all night.

Zero craic.

Alan from Tallaght in Dublin got in touch with the Dermot & Dave show to rant about his moth problem and it looks like he's not alone, we are infested with them!

One theory suggested by a listener is that if you wash your clothes on a higher temperature than 30 degrees the moths will no longer be as attracted to the fabric. Maybe in order to combat the moths you'll need to ditch the 'eco friendly' setting on the machine.

While Sue from Mayo has no time for them! 'I HATE moths and butterflies, inherited from my mother. I remember as kids coming home from school to find mam sitting out in garden. Turned out there was a butterfly in kitchen so we all sat in garden until my dad came home and got rid of it!!! I have tried to tame my moth reactions since I've had my own children cos I don't want them to have the same fear!' 

Giant moth spotted in Vietnam 

Spare a thought for poor Louise who has a full on moth infestation, 'They have destroyed my very good wool carpet! CANNOT get rid of them. They fly around in droves in the sitting room, I need to get rid!!'

It's believed the higher-than-normal temperatures for this time of year contributed towards what feels like an extra dose of moths this summer.

Listener Orla had a simple suggestion for combating their presence, ' Hi Guys, moths hate natural oils like lavender, clove, rosemary and citronella! I use little scented sachets in the wardrobe and I don't have any moths anymore...!'

At least our moths are pretty standard, unlike the moths you can find in Vietnam (above, sent in from David Byrne) or like this Poddle Moth - which looks like half Pokeman, half bat.