We’re all guilty of some of these!


We're the masters of it. If anything needs to be done, we'll do it ... but probably tomorrow.

From work assignments to booking that appointment, here's proof that we're number one when it comes to putting things on the long finger.

1. On The Laptop

We've all been there. You sit down and open your laptop to complete that presentation for work or college only to find yourself engrossed in a new Netflix series four hours later. 

2. Important Appointments

Yes, you know you should get that dental check-up. But why book it now when you can wait until your mouth is aching and you've to spend a small fortune fixing it? Makes perfect sense.

3. The Big Shop

Of course, it'd make more sense to write up a list and buy everything you need in one go from the supermarket. Or, you could spend more time and money popping into random shops each evening picking up "just a few bits". 

4. Napping

You've a to-do list as long as your arm and you finally have a day free to start ticking it off. So what do you do? Take a three-hour nap of course!

5. Shopping Around

We all know the advice by now - shopping around for insurance gets you the best deal. Every year we tell ourselves that this time, we'll cop onto ourselves and do our research and every year, we leave it too late and miss out on decent deals. Sigh.

6. DIY

Does the light bulb in the hall need changing? Have a wonky press in the bathroom? We feel ya. The DIY jobs around the house are always left on the long finger.

7. Sending That E-mail

You've psyched yourself up to send that risky email to your boss. Sure, it'd probably only take ten minutes to draft it up but instead you take a quiz online to find out what kind of bread you are. 

8. Your Bedtime

Every single night, you promise yourself that tonight you'll be showered and in your pyjamas by 9:30pm but every single night you find yourself still scrolling Instagram at 11:45pm. We'll never learn.

We're a nation of procrastinators but one thing you shouldn't put off is getting your car serviced. 

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