You guys are on fire.

No, like literally!

We asked you to play Radio Tag and send us a pic of where you are melting and by God lads ye didn't disappoint. Here's a smidgeen of the hundreds ye sent us.



Me flaming hair lads!


Walking up the murrough in Wicklow town 26° & listening to Fergal Darcy. What more could I want in life??

Left my car for 30 mins in lahinch today!!! Pk!!!

32 degrees at Junction 14...time for a...

I'm dying Ferg!

Hot hot 🔥  (and if you think Longford is hot...look below...WTF???!!!)

No location given for pic above but we presume it's Mars!

Feelin hot hot hot, at the side of my house Athlone, I swear I’ve Todayfm blaring, no car today... sorry😅


Love your show ferg as much as we are loving the sun. Traveling between Nenagh and Limerick. Flame!!!!!🔥🔥 A.M.


Iggy the cat is hiding out in the shade!