Since it's installation the loo is believed to have cost over €750,000

A row has erupted over a ‘superloo’ in Tuam, County Galway.

Some councillors want to ‘gift’ the tiny toilet to neighbouring village Oranmore, while other residents are campaigning to keep it in Tuam, where they say it is needed.

The loo was installed at a cost of half a million euro around nine years ago and it costs €50,000 a year to maintain it, with some councillors claiming it is only used once a year by the public.

It's believed a number of incidents are deterring people from using the toilet.

The toilet is located facing a public car park, meaning it is not discreet or private. 

Over the years the doors of the toilet once swung open on a woman who was inside.

On one occasion, the toilet destroyed a woman’s clothing because the cleaning jets went off at the wrong time.

Once the doors once closed unexpectedly on someone meaning they couldn’t escape the superloo and they eventually had to be rescued

And it used to be a frequent ‘canoodling couples’ spot as it was located to an old nightclub.

This is despite the fact that there was supposed to be a sensor in place to prevent two people entering it at one time

Local Councillor Donagh Killilea has proposed that his district gift the public toilet at Tuam to the Oranmore area.

However, the Oranmore district are also concerned about the running costs of it and it will also cost between €10,000 - €15,000 to move it.

Since it's installation the loo is believed to have cost over €750,000.

Dermot and Dave caught up with Connacht Tribune journalist Declan Tierney to find out all about it:

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