Paul Hollywood might even give them a handshake.

We know Mary Berry would be pumped by this showstopper...

Grab a slice of the greatest footballer in the world (relax Ronaldo fans..he doesn't have a cake in his honour).

This confectionery masterpiece was made to celebrate the Argentinian's 31st birthday.

No Piece Of Cake

The town of Bronnitsy, where the team are based got together and over a week of intense Bake Off brilliance made it. It weighs weights 132lbs (that's roughly nine and a half stone of cáca milis) 

My question is, when are we going to see Robbie Keane immortalised in rocky road and fondant icing?

Just check out the little fella goose-stepping away with his slice of the ball delighted with himself!

It's so detailed they even painted on his sleeve.