Look how happy she is...

This story has all the elements to warm your cockles like a nice cup of joe.

A Toronto coffee shop called 'Grinder Coffee' brewed up a throwaway ten day campaign to get Ryan Gosling to drink at their little cafe just for the craic.

They knew he's be in town for the Toronto Film Festival but these superstars have ridiculous schedules and will never have the time to show up. 

They had a cardboard cutout and displayed him for the last week.

Patrons pictured themselves drinking alongside the Hollywood star:

Even putting the hunk to bed at one stage:

At one point they even sent him directions:

Well, The Gosling heard about the campaign and guess what:

Man, that lad is sound. What a complete ledge. And look at the face on the owner Joelle Murray. It was worth it just to see the joy.