Up and atom.

To celebrate Science Week TodayFM's Muireann O'Connell had an action packed show with loads of top talent talking us through science in everyday life.

Obviously we needed somewhere to broadcast that would epitomise SCIENCE ...of course it's a brewery! 

How did she wrangle a show about Science Week from a brewery? She has some pull that wan! 

She even had her own hen party:

"She's walking on eggshells wohoh!"

But enough of the messing. Now, the science bit:

Dr Sabina Brennan from TCD who told her all about the science of attraction. This is fascinating. We call this bit the 'Haddaway Feature' ... What Is Love?

You can listen to the full chat here:

We also spoke to Sharon Omiwole, a student at UCD who won the Famelab 2018 prize based on the Science Of Coffee:

This is everything you ever wanted to know about caffeine but were afraid to ask.

Grab a brew and put your ears on this is brilliant:

While Muireann was in the comfy surrounds of Rascals Brewery we also had Dr Fergus hitting the streets with science:

Noel O'Connor, Deputy Director at Enable Research told Muireann about the work he was doing on Future & Smart Cities:

From 'Smart Croke Park' to Wearable Sensors to Driverless buses!

Now, we've covered sex and coffee it's time for food.

Does chewing gum stay in your gut for seven years? How good are frozen veg? Are chili-peppers hot? (it's a trick!)

It's time for a food Q & A with Dr. Kirsten Berding Harold from UCC:

Food, sex, coffee. What's next?


Listen to the full chat here: