Take a trip down Memory Lane

This lovely long spell of sunshine has us feeling all nostalgic and reminiscing on our own summers.

When 99s cost less than a pound and the quickest way to fall out with your siblings was through a game of I Spy, let's go back to the best old-school Irish family holidays:

1. Courtown in Wexford

Packing the whole family into the stifling hot car for a quick trip down to the sunny South-East seemed like a great idea ... until one of you threw up on the Waltzer!

2. Camping

No matter how many times you went camping as a family, your dad *always* struggled with the tent, the air mattress had a hole in it and you woke up in a puddle of rainwater and condensation. Bliss!

3. 99s

Now this was more like it. The endless summer Saturdays down at the seaside devouring a 99 that was as big as your head. Not a bother to ya!


4. Trabolgan

The Holy Grail of Irish family holidays. You were the envy of your class when you told them you were heading to Trabolgan for the summer. Water slides, laser tag and go-karting ... sure the world was your oyster!

5. The Mobile Homes

The mobile home was a step up from the damp tent. The blue skies, the tasty BBQs and the kids in the caravan park became your best friends - for a few weeks at least!

6. Getting the Boat to France

Ooh, look at you and your notions! However, getting the boat to France sounded better than it actually was as a hape of kids plus a warm car and a dash of seasickness is not the recipe for a fool-proof family holiday.

Aah memories. There's always room for more of them, so tune into Dermot and Dave all next week as we’ve teamed up with Cadbury Freddo to give you the chance to win a day off work to go be adventurous with your kids!

Each day we’ll be giving away a family trip to Fota Island and, on Friday's show one lucky family will be upgraded to a trip to Puerto Ventura.