Wear sunscreen...

The days are getting warmer which can only mean one thing...

The State Exams are looming!

The Leaving and Junior Cert was a stressful time for all of us so to help lessen that burden, Muireann asked you to share some of your practical tips and tricks:

Timetables are key

"I’m in college studying for my finals in Geography and English. A tip I can stand by is set yourself a study timetable and stick to it. It makes it so much more manageable and so satisfying to tick things off as you go. Sarah in Maynooth".

Turn off Fortnite

"Advice for leaving cert students.. Stop playing fortnite ,get off the computer and fecking study! Cathal Dundalk".

It's OK to be nervous

"Welcome nerves but never panic!!! Nerves make your mind sharper but panic causes confusion. This was the best advice I was given way back in the day when I did my leaving cert!!! Ronan Carney in Bunclody".

Get some gum

"Chew a flavored chewing gum while studying and the same gum in the exam. The same flavored gum can trigger memory supposedly Good luck. Chris".

Make a Checklist

"Reread your work before you hand it up and have a checklist of what you will be examined on e.g in foreign languages you'll need the tense, does the verb agree with the subject and does the adjective agree with what it is describing. Write your notes of essential stuff down in your roughwork before you start and before your brain gets tired. Sheena".

"Best exam advice I ever got; write your formulas or quotes on the front of the paper before you read any questions so then you don't have to remember them and will have them when you need them! -Gemma".

Just focus on you

"Try and avoid the panickers who ask a million questions before and after the exam they only mess with your head and more often than not they know nothing. Also remember the mark scored only reflects the content you put on the page, it does not reflect on who you are as a person. Niav".

Read the Question

"My advice is READ THE QUESTION, read the question, take a deep breath and finally, read the question. The more you read the question the more you'll realise what you know. Emer".

Mind Maps are handy

"Hi Muireann, I work in education and a great study tip is to create Mind Maps. They work for most people - both young and old. Also just simply reading over material is not enough. Long term we remember only about 10% of what we read. Hope this helps someone! Clare".

Practice past papers

"Two exam tips- 1. If you panic and draw a blank just read through the paper. You'll spot a question that you think you can answer, when you do and the words start to flow the block will clear. 2. Past papers are your best friends, use them, practice them and you might even spot a pattern..."

Learn off a few quotes

"Good afternoon Muireann, I did crap in my leaving cert a few years ago but I finished in NUIG last year with a 1st and the best advice I could give anyone doing exams is to do a little research and learn quotes from subject experts and use the quotes and names in essays - as quotes, names and dates are sexy".

Get a Rescue Remedy

"Exam tip , use rescue remedy before an exam if you are really nervous, helps you stay calm and everything you've worked hard to learn will flow easier when you're not nervous. Good luck to all. Louise".

And of course, wear sunscreen: