Would this bug you?

Sainsbury's have become the first supermarket to stick insects on their shelves.

They've started stocking 'Eat Grub’s Smoky BBQ Crunchy Roasted Crickets' to tie in with the return of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Wretching.

Each pack retails at £1.50.

Stores across the UK will sell them but no supermarkets have stepped up yet. Would you eat them if Tesco or SuperValu stocked them? They're high in protein and sustainable for the environment but let's be honest here...they're not a steak.

Described by the makers as:

'Satisfyingly crunchy in texture with a rich, smoky BBQ flavour.

These delicious bags of crunchy roasted crickets are a celebration of the humble insect.

Enjoyed around the world, insects are not only tasty and nutritious, but sustainable to farm too. Lovingly roasted by our chef, Sebby, Eat Grub’s crickets are more sustainable than pork scratchings…and more exciting than a crisp.Richie and the wardrobe'

They even suggest you enjoy them with a drink down the boozer.

"Eh Frank, any King Cheese & Onion there boss?"

"No, but we have dry roasted crickets"


And just because it's one of our favourite I'm A Celeb gifs: