This. Is. Brilliant.

Thousands of parents the length and breadth of the country are facing the same dilemma, ever since the Longitude 2018 line-up was announced last week.

Should they or shouldn't they allow their teenager to attend the three day music festival in Marlay Park?

One Dublin teen has come up with the best way to convince her parents to allow her to attend Longitude with her friends and it was sent to us here at Today FM with strict instructions to keep her identity a secret (the teenage mortification is real.)

You have to hand it to this legend - she has made a convincing case for herself!

For the purpose of this post let's call this creative teenager 'Sarah.'

Sarah put together a detailed Powerpoint presentation explaining why she should be granted permission to attend the music festival with a line-up including Travis Scott, Solange and Post Malone.

Sarah goes on to give a list explaining the merits of allowing her to go.

She also anticipates the reasons why her parents will say no and already has counter-arguments at the ready.

Our favourite part is the mention of Granny-to-the-rescue.

Sarah's plan may be flawed when it comes to actually paying for a ticket, but we admire her determination nonetheless.

Then Sarah plays the winning card, providing references for her parents to ring as they make the decision.

We kind of want to give Sarah a job here, this gal gets things done!

And what presentation is complete without a detailed mood board?


Sarah wraps things up nicely by saying she is willing to discuss all of the points raised above at her parent's convenience.

What a hero.

 We're awaiting word on whether this presentation swayed the minds of Sarah's parents.

Rumour has it a compromise of some sorts may be on the table.