Treat yourself!

You've long hours in work, you're bringing the kids to all sort of activities in the evenings and your weekends are spent catching up on the 101 things you were meant to do last weekend.

Life can be manic and it's important to take a step back and de-stress whenever we can. Here are ten ways you can be sound to yourself:


Go Phone Free

Whether it's for a full day or just a couple of hours in the evening, pop your phone in the back of the cupboard and just carry on sans-screen. It'll do wonders for your head space.


It doesn't matter if it's a gritty crime novel or your favourite magazine, reading gives your mind a whole new level of escapism. Set aside a few hours to curl up and get lost in one of those 22 titles you’ve been meaning to read for years.

Catch-Up With Friends

You know that friend who always lifts you up no matter what your mood? It's time to give that person a bell and see if they're free for a coffee. It's been far too long.

Get Your Nails Done

It could be painting the nails, having a curly blowdry or fixing up the eyebrows. Book yourself an appointment for whatever beauty treatment makes you feel invincible. There's no better feeling than leaving work that little bit earlier for a trip to the salon.

Go For A Drive

Go all out with a full-blown road-trip or take a quick spin down to the beach. Heading off in the car and blaring the tunes can instantly put your mind in holiday mode. Just don't get lost!

Have A Cup Of Tea

No, we don't mean make-a-cup-of-tea-and-forget-about-it-until-it-goes-cold-and-yucky. Actually make a cup of your favourite brew, then sit down and enjoy it straight away. What a treat.

Jot It Down

Grab a pen and paper and just let yourself go. It can be journalling, it can be doodles or you could even try your hand at poetry. Just do it and let the daily stresses drift away for a moment.

Plan Your Next Holiday

Nothing beats the rush of planning your next break away. Whatever is next on your travel bucket list, take an evening out to properly research it and plan out what you'll do, where you'll go for food, and where does the best cocktails.

Eat Your Favourite Meal

Have you been dreaming of that little Italian place? Or would you give anything to have that steak dinner again? Book yourself in for whatever meal tingles your tastebuds. The best kinds of treats involve food!

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