So Say Doctors!

The clocks going forward always leads to confusion.. our tired brains are cranky as we lose an hour's sleep. 

Do they go forward or back, will my phone's clock update, what if my alarm goes off at the wrong time. Questions, questions, questions.

To accommodate us in this highly stressful time, Psychologist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan has recommended that bosses let employees have a 20 minute nap today to help us recover from the loss of sleep over the weekend.

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan told The Sun "Naps have been scientifically proven to boost creativity and problem solving ability, and they can even rebalance the immune system" and ”Company nap time would definitely work in the boss’ favour in the long run".

Dr Ramlakhan also added “Some kind of national napping day would allow the workforce to return to their jobs feeling refreshed and ready.”

C'mon bosses! Be sound! Let's get our snooze on!