Including briquettes, peanut and more

The Big Buster? Sambo? Panther?

They're just some of the nicknames that were floating around when we were in school and it's great to see the tradition is still continuing.

On the flight back to Dublin at the weekend, Leinster's Tadhg Furlong revealed the team's nicknames with Nugget, The Jukebox, the Big Cheese and the Big Leaf all in the mix.

Muireann asked you about the nicknames you've encountered in your life and here are some of the best:

1. Stones and Pebbles

Our very own Ed Smith got us going with this brilliant one:

2. Carrot

Your hair colour played a big part in determining a nickname:

"Muireann. 2 guys I know are called Carrot and Parsnip. They're brothers. one with red hair and the other with blonde hair".

3. Clocks

Some were pretty ruthless!

"I was at my brothers stag weekend in waterford. He was home with some pals from London to meet up with his longtime buddies. The subject of nicknames came up. The best of the weekend... a lad had one arm are slightly longer than the other. His nickname was Clocks! Niall in waterford"

4. Cocktail

A lot were food-related:

"I know a man whose nickname is sausage and his son was nicknamed cocktail".

5. Short Stories

Most were very original:

6. Bucket and Spade

It was a rule of thumb that if your older sibling had one, you did too:

"I had a friend in class whos older brother bucket had gone through a few years before... he was then christened spade and still today they go by bucket and spade - John Scanlon in Dublin". 

7. Briquettes

"Hi Muireann, There was two lads called Pete in class so one was left as Pete and the other was called Briquettes"

8. Peanut

Same rule applies for your parents:

"There's a pub in Athlone called nuts corner. the owners nickname is nut and they call his son peanut.....Donal"