Shut up and take our money!

It's time to do a deep dive into some of the more unusual items available to coincide with the biggest wedding event of the year.

Harry and Meghan Dolls

Let's kick it off with this horror. It's a pair of Harry and Meghan dolls. She looks more like the bride of Chucky and he is the bulb off Kevin Kilbane! Could they not even give him the red hair. Jesus Help Us. They'll set you back over €120 and the chancer selling these really exists here

Next up. Harry and Meghan Johnnies. 'Four condoms fit for a Prince'

"Artisan-style sheaths, tailored to a regal fit and drizzled with lube, promise discerning love-makers a royal union of pleasure and style."

Harry's got you covered here


Megharry Weed - The Queen will tell you it's good for the joints.

Developed by Meghan's nephew Tyler. He is a cannabis grower and has created a strain called 'Markle's Sparkle'.

According to the Daily Mail, "he is planning to develop a potent new hybrid strain of cannabis to mark the wedding, called Markle’s Sparkle. And should Prince Harry and his bride ever visit Tyler at his home in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, he will be ‘more than happy’ to offer them a sample." 

You'll need to get your arse to Oregon to avail of this Royal grass. 

Harry and Meghan Earrings - The floating heads of Haz and Megs to adorn your ears can be bought here


Commemorative Cereal - Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Rings

Poor your favourite royal rings into a bowl and slurp down the commemorative contents of this limited edition cereal:

There's even some cut out and keep masks on the back! They're not cheap

Meghan And Harry Socks

Maybe your thing is feet? If so, check out these appalling foot gloves.

96% Polyester and 1% rubber that is all.