We can't believe this even took place.

If you don't know what is happening with Kildaregate then here's a quick recap.

Kildare are due to play Mayo in the All Ireland. Kildare have home advantage so naturally they want to play in Newbridge. Fair enough? Well no, not according to the GAA. They want the two teams to play at Croke Park as part of a money spinning double header for TV.

Kildare aren't budging. Mayo are like, "This is awks" 

Well, there's a precedence for this kind of farce in GAA.

RTE Archives posted this footage from the Dublin V Cork semi-final of 1987.

The game was a tense affair and both sides were equal at the end.

Extra time was called and after a 15 minute break the Dubs entered the pitch.

So, everyone waited for the inevitable re-emergence of the Cork team...

No such luck. Not a rebel in sight.

They got the train back to the Rebel County...leaving Dublin to play with themselves and put the ball into an empty net.

Fans were bemused but it was later revealed that Cork Management refused to let the players back on the pitch.


If Kildare refuse to turn up could this happen?