Swearing, Swearing, Swearing!

She is most famous as being one half of the Location, Location, Location presenting duo on the Channel 4 show, but Kirstie Allsopp didn't hold back when confronted on the Twitter about her flying first class while the rugrats are in economy!

Muireann is a big fan of property porn (she once had a six hour LLL binge...six hours people!) and as such is a big fan of Kirstie and loved how she didn't hold back and stuck to her guns!

This one is a highlight:

"F*ck off Steve, and just for good measure rot in hell you judgmental, know nothing twat."

In order to get this story on-air without the BCI getting involved, Muireann did her best poshest Kirtstie voice and recorded the Tweets for your aural pleasure!

This is where it all kicked off:

So, she got some relies from the Twitter jury and replied accordingly:

Kirstie didn't hold back!