There were some questionable planning decisions made back in the day

Ireland is a bit of a ride to be fair, it is a country full of stunning vistas and picturesque landscapes.

From the Ring of Kerry to Skellig Michael, we're spoiled for choice when we feel like hitting the road and taking in all Ireland has to offer.

However, over the years (aheam @the 70s we're looking at you) some pretty horrible buildings were somehow granted planning permission and that's what we're looking at today.

There was one clear winner, Liberty Hall in Dublin got some awful abuse from Dermot & Dave listeners, who were sending in their 'Ireland's Ugliest Building,' suggestions.

However it's a listed building so there's not a whole lot that can be done about it.

'Baileypoint in Salthill Galway it's like city hall in Gotham city. All the plaster is falling off the outside though.'

'The Kane building in UCC is the worlds ugliest building. It’s the science building and it’s soviet seventies architecture at its finest.'

'Belfast central railways station and Belfast City Hospital makes me ill just looking at it.'

'Market Point in Mullingar, Celtic Tiger high rise apartments in full long range view with the Cathedral!'

'Dun Laoghaire shopping centre, horrible building in the centre of the town.'

'Worst buildings. Former Ard Ri Hotel overlooking Waterford. Still derelict, overlooking the city.'

'Phibsboro shopping centre, bleak stuff lads.'


'The Limerick County Council office in Dooradoyle! It is an ugly building, looks like they left the scaffolding up!'

'Liberty hall is an out dated kip inside. Was in there for work a few weeks ago and it needs an update badly.'

'Ardbrack houses looking over Kinsale Harbour are a disaster.'

'The Australian embassy at Wilton Place looks like it was built and someone stood back and said you know what this needs? Big ugly concrete blocks to outside of it.'

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