Never change, Ireland

The TV has been a staple in Irish households for decades and we've come a long way from switching between just the two channels.

So much so that the last few years have brought about some of the funniest viral moments. Here's a look back on our favourites:

6. Aengus Mac Grianna 

Some of Aengus' slip ups have really made us laugh over the years but the day he was caught mid-make-up application is definitely the most memorable.

5. John Joe the Horologist

The Late Late Toy Show is a solid when it comes to gas moments. Kids + toys + a live studio audience - what could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot it seems. From Junior Culchie of the year to Ed Sheeran melting our hearts, the Toy Show is bursting with belly laughs but one of our favourites has to be John Joe Brennan. The mini horologist captured the nation's hearts with his tweed jacket and cemented his legendary status when he told Tubs his watch was "a very good mark, I suppose. Next to Rolex." 


4. What's Snots

We challenge you to watch all four minutes of this segment and not chuckle. 

"Where d'ya get your shades? ... Where d'ya get your hairstyle?"

We bet Kevin from Galway has never lived this one down. 

3. Pint Baby

We lost the run of ourselves when a clip of a baby downing a pint from the RTÉ Archives went viral. Who is the baby? Where is he now? And most importantly, is he still necking pints?  

2. Teresa Mannion

Storm Desmond landed ferociously in December 2015 and while the actual storm wasn't any fun, it did gift us with the absolute gem that is Teresa Mannion.

Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed.

1. Man Slipping on Ice

The anonymous hero of the RTÉ News. His escapades during the Big Snow of 2010 will be talked about for decades to come. 

Man who slipped on the ice - we salute you. 

Here's hoping there are many more to come!