The 'Fashion Wheel' and 'Slime' are featured.

Christmas is coming and Santa should be up the walls checking his list twice and making sure all the nice boys and girls get the presents they want.

But are they the presents that the parents want? Ummmm.

The Fergal D'Arcy Show on TodayFM asked what were the toys that annoyed your parents most when you were growing up or if you're parent now what are the toys that grind your gears now!


Here's The Top 10 Most Annoying Toys For Irish Parents as voted by the listeners to the Fergal Darcy Show:


  • Hey Fergal, we thought it was a good idea to get the young lad a Despicable Me Fart Gun one year. Oh my sweet Jesus...! I tried to give it away to other people's kids and fell out with friends over it. Ollie from Wexford.
  • The most annoying toy Ferg is SLIME! I don't get it - it's like heroin to my nieces and nephews - put it on the list!!
  • A toy that had to be put out of reach was a battery operated kids Toy Keyboard. It was totally off-key and cacophonous to the ear. Our ears were bleeding.?
  • The toy that annoying me was Tiny Tears....specifically mine....because she never cried!! All the other kid's dolls cried, except mine – Paula
  • I used to love the Parachute Action Man, used to love throwing it round the house but mother wasn't much of a fan.
  • Ferg bloody Tamagotchis used to WRECK my little brother had one and I wanted to throw it out the window. Especially when my little brother would start crying when he accidentally killed it - Keith 
  • Eh Fergal remember that game....Hungry, Hungry Hippos....I HATED playing it was so noisy and people got way to aggressive playing it - Laura
  • BOPPIT!!! How bloody annoying was that?? Ours got lost in our house, it was TRAGIC! WINK - Niamh
  • Ferg I hated the noise that Fashion Wheel made...the scratching and noise of it was so annoying!!
  • We went to Disney On Ice and my daughter insisted on one of those seizure inducing Spinning Light Wheel Wands. It erm broke. Alan