Get ready to AAARRGGGGHHH!!!

Fergal asked listners for the little things in your life that get the eye flickering and the teeth grinding.

The kind of things that give you an angry Ri-Ri face...


Here is the official Fergal D'Arcy Show -

Top Ten Little Things That Really Annoy You

  • People who use two cards and buy Phone credit at the atm.

  • I hate the phrase I love you to the moon and back people use on Facebook etc... the person is near tell them don't bother posting it online because no one reading it cares.

  • Haaaaaaaate it when people say "inside in" JUST SAY "IN"!! In the house, in the car.

  • The most annoying thing is when people say ‘it could be worse’. This is generally when a load of things have gone wrong and you’re miserable but people clearly think it makes a difference or somehow makes everything better!

  • People saying “12months” instead of “a year”

  • Middle lane hoggers on a 3 lane motorway!

  • People who unload shopping on the belt and put drinks sideways so they’re just rolling all over the place when the belt moves. I'm automatically assuming they're a bad person. Probably murdering kittens in spare time!

  • People who describe themselves as " a real foodie" drive me mad. What? You like eating food!

  • The wrapper on a lollipop!! Especially Chubba Chups. Jesus. Annoying and annoying! AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

  • Getting settled for Netflix, food hot, seat perfect, drink poured THEN you have to Pee!!!!