The truth is out there.

Yes, it is.

The truth is that Mulder & Scully first hit TV screens twenty five years ago this week.

In September 1993 many of us gathered around the telly box to check out the latest big thing to hit our screens. 

Unlike the proliferation of big TV shows these days from Netflix, Sky Atlantic, Amazon etc. when the X-Files came out in the early nineties it was HUGE news.

Created by Chris Carter, the show about two FBI detectives investigating the paranormal and getting way over their heads was like a really sober Men In Black with a bang of Twin Peaks.

The scripts were tight, (Vince Gilligan creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul earned his writing chops on the show) the acting excellent, it had an iconic theme tune, the storylines creepy as hell, and the amount of eerie iconic characters from Smoking Man:

To the the most terrifying of all - 'Flukeman'. 

Absolute Nightmare Fuel

Over 200 shows spanned across nine seasons.

There was also a revival in 2016 which saw 16 more brand new episodes.

After the original series ran it's course the main stars Duchovny and Anderson went on to have success of their own.

Him with the dark comedy Californication and publishing three books and her with the hugely successful role of DSU Stella Gibson opposite Jamie Dornan in the spine-chilling The Fall.