It's turning into a nanny (goat) state.

We're not kidding you.

It looks like this bunch of trouble makers are only missing leather jackets, some Harley Davidsons and a fag perched on their mouth.

A Fine Gael Councillor Johnny Flynn has even recommended that the herd is rounded up and re-homed.

"You got a f*cking problem buddy"

What The Puck?

(Photo credit: Stephen Coote)

According to, the goats have become a nuisance to local residents, who have come home to find the goats asleep under a bush in the garden often with bags of cans spotted under their hooves (okay we lied about the cans).

In a video recorded by nearby 'Cootes Shop & Bakery' you can see the herd in full flow as it makes it's way across a local business park.

They have also been known to eat shrubs and jump on top of cars.

They have been a regular sight in the Kilrush road area of Ennis for the past twenty years but have only recently started causing major problems.

There's two large Pucks and and a number of kids among the 22 strong herd.