Dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs. happy dogs.

That is exactly what you're getting.

Here's a collection of dogs so gorgeous and happy that their owners were compelled to share the love.

And of a bleak Monday we thank them for their selflessness.

Prepare yourself for a soothing visual hug to your eyes.


Nom from r/aww
Went to “look” at a pupper today. Meet my new best friend! from r/aww
BEST. DAY. EVER. from r/aww
Beware of attack dog from r/aww
No school today pretty pwease with a cherry on top??? from r/aww
It took 25 years but I finally landed myself the little man of my dreams. Reddit, meet Ollie :) from r/aww
I love her one floppy ear from r/aww
This is Toby. Toby cost us $500 this weekend to find out he had gas. He’s lucky he’s cute. from r/aww
My happy boy from r/aww
The way he looks at me while I’m driving 😍 from r/aww
Ranger, my dad's best friend/good boy from r/aww

And finally. Wow!

This is exactly why we have this technology from r/aww