This lot wanna kickflip not knit!

According to one of the skateboarders, she was once stopped by a passerby so he could talk to her to make sure, "he wasn't hallucinating"

Some reach 60 and swap shoes for slippers and others swap them slippers for skateboards!

The Facebook Group Very Old Skateboarders is a haven for older skaters to share their skating videos, pictures and even the odd Ollie.

Pure joy:

A community of 2,000 strong, they encourage and support each other and show off their moves.

Their Facebook group is packed with pics and videos, check it out HERE.

Proving that age is never a barrier.

We think they are absolute heroes.

Here they are in action:

However London isn't the only spot you'll find supercool septegenarians.

Check out our own Michael D. in this iconic pic.


Pic courtesy of Michael Donnelly. Check his work out here