Have kids they said, it will be wonderful. 

Ahhh kids. The apple of our eye. You never imagined you could love something or someone so much. While they provide us with some of the best memories of our lives, they are also there to test our patience. 

Enter Ben, a two year old from Utah. His parents Ben and Jacke Belnap had borrowed money to pay for a pair of season tickets for their beloved University of Utah football team, and they were saving up to repay the money they owed. 

The American couple had managed to save up $1,060 (about €920) and were keeping it tucked away safely in an envelope. Or so they thought. 

Little Ben, who usually helps his dad shred old documents, managed to find said envelope and decided to lend a helping hand by shredding it....

All was not lost though as there is a service on the US that will piece your money back together for you. The downside is that it can take up to 2 years.